File/User permissions - What's the best approach to make files writable through Samba


I’m using my openSUSE Leap 42.1 computer as a webserver while I develop on my Windows 10 desktop PC. These files are stored in the servers /home/username/web/ etc folder.

To access the files I have them shared via Samba with guest-access enabled. Now the problem I keep running into is that I’m learning laravel and it creates files through running a PHP command which are then owned by www:wwwrun. This means if I access the file on my desktop through Samba which seems to use the user ‘everyone’ I can not edit the file. I have added ‘everyone’ to the wwwrun group (which seems like a bad idea in itself?) but I still cannot edit the files.

Now I can chown or chmod the files to make them accessible but this very inconvenient.

What is the best approach to this, how do I set it up so I can edit files over Samba that are created through PHP? Do I set up some kind of default file access rights for that folder somehow, do I make myself validate through Samba as a different user? Advice would be greatly appreciated.