File Transfer Time


Is there any thumb rule to estimate files transfer between 2 computers connected on the same gigabyte switch.

Testing transfer using iperf3, I got 980 GIB/s ( No disk copy I presume )
Transferring 23000 files for an amount of 3,1 GIB I got 9 GIB/s ( roughly 5 minutes ).

Any help is welcome.

Multiple files always take longer because of additional overhead. Zip or tar them then see if that goes faster.

With lots of small files it also depends on your hardware. A SSD with fast access times and high IOPS rate will be much faster than a HDD. So there is no rule of thumb.

Create tar.gz 2mn17s

send file 4mn16s @ 9 GIB/s ! ! ! !

decompress files 32sec

total 7mn5sec

Any comment ?