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Hi guys, since i put suse 11.4 (kde 4) on my new laptop there has been something really bugging me. Now, when i transfer files (e.g. from computer to USB HDD) no window pops up, it just runs in the background and uses the notification manager thingy instead. i much preferred having a small pop-up window instead. any ideas on how to get it back like this?

thanks chaps


i don’t think i can answer your question…but, if i thought i could i
think i would still need more information than you gave, like:

what application or method are you using to transfer files? (dolphin?
konqueror? other file manager? command line? rsync? mv? what??)

in what operating system, desktop environment (and their versions) did
you see the “small pop-up window”…

when you say “notification manager thingy” what is that, and what it not
doing that the “small pop-up window” did?

can you provide screen shots of the “small pop-up window” and
“notification manager thingy” so we know precisely what you have and
what you are missing…

and, finally, which version of KDE4 are you using…

oh, one more finally: are you willing to back level to the older version
to get the “small pop-up window” back? or, are you willing to ask for it
to be added back via FATE?

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Hi and thanks for your reply.

I’m using dolphin to transfer files, though even when using konqueror i still get no pop up window. i don’t have any screen shots of it, but it was just a small window (which also appeared in the task bar) which had a progress bar, told you the % complete, speed of transfer etc.

the pop up window was present in suse 11.3 (and all previous versions i’ve used back to 10.0) and i was also running the latest kde at the time (4.4???) i’m now running suse 11.4 using: KDE 4.6.00 (4.6.0) “release 6”

the notification manager is a widget called “notifications”. if i remove that widget and try to copy files over, they copy, but i have no way of measuring the progress, so i have to reinstall it. not really willing to back date my system, it’s just a little gripe rather than a real annoyance to be honest, but i’d be really grateful if i can get it sorted!

thanks again for the response, much appreciated :slight_smile:

On 04/29/2011 11:36 AM, thestig wrote:
> Hi and thanks for your reply.


now i understand, though truthfully i don’t often move anything so large
to a USB that i wonder how far along the move is (i just have a little
16GB keyfob…so, it is done before i think to look and watch it)…

i don’t have your 11.4/4.6.00 so can’t confirm if the popup is gone–if
you learn from others that it is missing on all, then you could ask for
it to be added back in, by using FATE, here: (or maybe a better place would be
directly to the KDE folks)…

or, maybe it is just a bug…maybe it wasn̈́’t deleted by the coders, but
is just not working…so, maybe it should be logged here:

or, maybe it is just on your machine (damaged somehow)…you could add a
new test user and see if it works there…if so, that would be a clue
that something in your /home is broken…

you just need some others with 11.4/4.6.00 to tell you which of three
possibilities your situation is actually…

good luck.

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