File transfer notification KDE 4.7 openSUSE 12.1

Hi everybody!

Is there any way to get rid of the “great” feature from KDE 4.7 (I understood that this was added starting with KDE 4.6 - this didn’t happen to me so far because my openSUSE 11.4 was obtained from openSUSE 11.3 by updating) that allows a file transfer (e.g. from one partition to another) to be captured by the system notification?
I’m using Krusader and so far I’m pretty satisfied with it. But when I try to copy or move a file from one partition to another instead of the regular file transfer window inside Krusader, the file transfer is automatically captured by the system and shown only in the notification area. This thing is very annoying and COMPLETELY useless to me. I DIDN’T ask for and for sure I DON’T need this stupid behaviour of KDE.
How can I disable/ remove/ kill/ get rid of/ never ever hear of, you name it… this?

Thank you.


try to right click on the notification item and configure it.

Untick notifications for file transfers.


@ lenwolf

Of course this was the first thing I tried. But this doesn’t solve the problem. The only thing it does is to capture the file transfer silently without any notification whatsoever. Just in the background. You can see nothing during the file transfer. Blind.

Solved. For all who will face the same problem in the future: all you’ll have to do is, of course, to uncheck the box “File transfers and other jobs” in the notifications settings and, this is the trick, to reboot. After that, the file transfer window inside Krusader will be back again. Good luck!