File tranfer between opensuse 42.3 and leap 15.1 net work cable ?

I want to transfer files, from one pc to another.

I have been googling and free online storage is too small (50 gig) , to do it in one go.

I was thinking though, can’t I just use the network cable that now goes into the modem, unplug if from the modem, then connect it to the other pc network connection.?

I have cable internet if that matters, with a cisco modem which only has one network connection.

Will I have to hook up a monitor to both pc ? And log in on both pc?

Newer pc had openSUSE leap 15.1, older pc has openSUSE leap 42.3

I wonder if its not easier to take the leap 42.3 hard disk from the old pc and temporary connect it through sata.
The new pc has enough sata and power connections to do so.

I made up my mind, and will just temporary hook up leap 42.3 disk to new pc, to take some files of it.

That will be the easiest way by far for me.

I see you choose another solution, but you may still be interested in the answer.

No, you can’t. You need a special cable where on on end the wires are put in the connector in a different way. Commonly calld a “cross cable”.

1GbE auto-detects wiring (it is part of standard). So two devices with 1GbE NICs can be connected using normal straight cable. I forgot when I used (or even saw) crossover cable last time.

  • I assume “crossover” is the better word;
  • I have one here and could post an image, but there is not much to be seen lol! (well I have put a lable on it to avoid surprises);
  • Nice autodetecting, but is that realy used so much that it was worth designing that feature?

You don’t even need 1GbE. Interfaces with Auto MDI-X are sufficient: