File Shredder & Undeleter Software searched... I can' find one! [GUI]

I need a secure File Shredder and also an Undeleter (for all file systems would be fine | OPTIMAL: EXT4, ReiserFS, JFS).
Both have to be a GUI :), I’m not really a fan of command-line tools. :expressionless:
Btw: I know about the shred command.

And it is possible to edit the KDE/Dolphin right-click menu to add a file-shred command. :\

thanks in advance :wink:

EDIT: i have openSUSE 11.4 with KDE4

I am running 11.4_x64 and KDE4.7

Put the following code in /home/username/.kde4/share/kde4/services/shred.desktop

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action Shred_file]
Name=Shred File from disk
# %u - one file ; %U - many files
Exec=shred --remove "%U"

when you right click a file in Dolphin, “Shred file from Disk” should appear as a selectable Action

thanks, that worked, I have a “Shred file from disk”-option
but i also need programs (GUI’s) to shred and undelete files

Download - SystemRescueCd has several such tools plus a very good online manual explaining how to use them.

thank you, i never knew about that rescue disk
i will try as fast i can, i hope it have all the tools i need :wink: