File sharing mechanism using ad hoc n\w

hi guys,
anyone knows how to sure files between two suse’s connected to ad hoc wireless linux

thanks in advance

One way of doing this is to set up one openSUSE as an sshd server and connect to it using the second openSUSE. In order to do that You have to install openssh package on the openSUSE server. Next go Yast->System->System Services and look for sshd and turn it on. The next step is to open port 22 for incoming connections. Go to Yast->Security and Users->Firewall->allowed services. From the combobox select Secure Shell Server (SSH) and click add. Click next and follow the wizard to apply the changes. That’s it for setting up the sshd server.

Then from the openSUSE client fire up Konqueror and type fish://user@ip_addres where user is a valid user on the ssh server and ip_addres is simply the ip address of the openSUSE ssh server. You will be prompted for the password of this user and once entered You will have access to all the files this user have permissions for on the openSUSE server. You can also copy files to the server using this method.

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thank u very much man,
this really worked,
truely thanks, ive been looking over and over for this delimma
but dont except that that question will be the last one :smiley:

No problems. Glad I could help. You can also do some reading on other types of file sharing like samba, NFS and others and maybe some of those will work better for your needs. You can find tons of information about it on the net. For samba the best guide I’ve seen is by one of our forum members Samba Server and Suse / openSUSE: HowTo Configure a Professional File Server on a SOHO LAN

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