File sharing between linux systems


I am trying to set up file sharing between my suse 11.1 desktop and 10.3 laptop, so I can access all my videos and music on said laptop, but I have been unable to find out how to do this as nearly every search thread I find on this is either for gnome (I use KDE 4) or for sharing between linux and windows.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



The openSUSE concepts guide is a good place to start to get a top level view:
Concepts - openSUSE - Linux PC to Linux PC

This should be mostly Linux version independent.

NFS is likely the most advanced way. I have not tried NFS for years, so I can not help there. But if it is simply copying of files (and not trying to play locally a file dynamically from a remote PC) then ssh/sftp works well.

With KDE4 you should be able to use both dolphin and konqueor. You need to open port #22 in both PC’s firewall.

For example, for sharing files, if PC-B has the IP address with user “joe”, then to access PC-A from PC-A I would open konqueror (or dolphin) and in the PC-A konqueror/dolphin location bar type:
and say yes to the ssh question

Thats internal to a LAN. Keep port#22 on your router that is connected to the internet blocked (so hackers can NOT penetrate your LAN).

If you wish to do external access, then you need to take into account security and port forwarding considerations.

Have a look at swerdna’s how-to’s, Linux HOWTOs and Tutorials: Suse Linux 10.0, 10.1 openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1


Thanks guys, will give those a look.

Can’t believe it, I’ve been away from linux for a couple of years and i’ve forgotten it all :\

There should be a comprehensive book installed on your computer when you installed openSUSE. The location of the index is here:
The location of the start page for NFS which I think is what you want is here:
Those pages are html pages so you can copy them into your web browser address bar and take it from there.