File shares and roaming profiles with Samba4


I have a test Samba4 AD DC server, and already added some few users and joined few clients. Only testing with Windows clients for now.

I want to set up roaming profiles for the users, but also redirect some profile folders (like the Documents one, for example), just like suggested here.
The first detail would be, I have nowhere else to point the redirected folder to, so I guess I’d have to create a share in the Samba AD DC pc itself. So yes, I think it’d be working as both AD DC and file sharing.

I have actually several doubts, but in order to not become confusing and kind of annoying I’ll just start one step at a time. Both the roaming profiles and file sharing Samba docs talk about 2 ways of doing: either using Windows ACL’s or POSIX ACL’s. I already read the docs for each, but I’ve never done this before and I could only get first impressions. And these impressions were “Windows ACL’s seem trickier, while POSIX ACL’s seem easier in fact”.
But, how can I know which way to take? When should I use Windows ACL’s and when POSIX ACL’s? Imagining as well if I were to move to a production environment.

Thanks beforehand.

Anyone please?

Someone by chance?

Sorry for being bumping, but even after having read all related documentation in the samba wiki and trying doing internet searches, I still haven’t figured out.
The articles just describe the process to do, but I’m strongly wondering like, in what practical cases POSIX ACL’s should be used for the shares and the roaming profiles, and in what others Windows ACL’s, and why.

I’m in a mini test environment right now, but seemingly here they may want it implemented for production and I got not much time for experimentation…

Excuse me?