file shareing across lan

hello im looking for the best method to share files across my home network the machine i want to use for the server is a headless openSUSE 11.1 machine that i access through ssh.

so what i want to know is what is the best system to using for sharing files on this server considering i want to be connecting to it with a mix of other openSUSE / Linux machines and some Windows XP machines. it would be nice if i can be directed to some good tutorials on this because i kinda lack on networking knowledge when it comes to Linux.

You want Samba.


And if the machine is not going to be doing anything except file serving, you might want to consider instead of using a GP distro like SUSE, using a dedicated distro like FreeNAS or Openfiler which are quick to setup and have nice web control panels.

Here is the tutorial I was using to share my files:
Samba Server and Suse / openSUSE: HowTo Configure a Professional File Server on a SOHO LAN
There are other good usefull stuff there.

all right thanks for the info i think i will got the direction of freenas or something of that type cause the only thing this box is doing is sharing local files and acting as a http server