File Permissions

Can I get permissions on files that have an red X on it if I can can someone tell me how? because I cannot change my boot order

Could you be a little more specific. Where are you seeing files with “a red X” and what files are you accessing? (I’m guessing you’re using one of the standard file browsers nautilus or dolphin). It’s also helpful in these forums to let people know what version of openSUSE you are using and what desktop environment you are using.

If you are modifying your boot settings there is a Yast module for that and it’s a lot safer to use than manually editing files. Start Yast and click on the System option on the left, then select Boot Loader on the right. From there you can modify the boot settings without having to manually edit files.

Generally in a Unix-like environment (i.e. Linux, BSD …) files have 3 levels of permission one for the “owner”, one for the “group” and one for the “world” (or some people call it “all”). The permissions can be read, write and execute (plus a few special ones that I’ll skip for clarity). Chances are that if you can’t access a particular file your user account doesn’t have permission to access it. If you want to know more you can read about file permissions on Wikipedia

If you are trying to modify your boot configuration the files are probably owned by “root” which means to access them you need to login as the root user. Alternatively you can run your editor with root privileges by starting it using xdg-su like this:

xdg-su -c "kwrite"

Some programs like Yast are setup such that they know they need to ask for root permissions, other more generic programs like an editor or file browser don’t have a way of knowing that root permission is needed.