File permissions trouble

Well, I feel a little silly for having to ask this, but I apparently can’t get file permissions to work. I have a script that is writing to a file in /logs. I ran

mkdir /logs; chmod 666 /logs; chown blank888:users /logs

and I still can’t even look inside the folder. Any ideas?

Directories require the access (x) bit to list the contents. Since you will own the directory, there no point making it world writable. Therefore the appropriate permission is probably 700.

And adding to this, you should at least have looked at what the results of any of your actions are by listing

ls -ld /logs

Ahh, ok. I was thinking that meant executable like with files. I knew it was something simple. Things like this remind me that I have only been using linux for six months…
Also, I chose it being world writable because everyone that uses the computer needs access to it, and it isn’t connected to the internet.