File permission for website files/folders

Hi everyone,
I have pure-ftpd setup on my OpenSuSe 11, with apache running a webserver.
i’ve setup virtual users in pure-ftpd and linked it to the website
folder (/srv/www/htdocs)
i can successful login but i can’t upload file to that directory.
the /srv/www/htdocs is belong to wwwrun:www
what should i do ? please advise.:frowning:

Chmod 777 htdocs will make it drwxrwxrwx so you can write (upload) there.

Tsk, tsk recommending 777. I thought you knew better than that. :open_mouth:

Better to change the ownership of the directory so that the user or group connecting via ftp is allowed to write there.

Didn’t think – smack!

lol!Thanks, now it work by change the owner ship of that directory. Anyways, i been read the Apache2 book and they are not recommend to change the owner ship of the /srv/www/htdocs/ directory. and i decide to create a sub directory and using virtual host.