File permission detection fails for Tumbleweed running in Docker on Windows

Hi, first I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place. I couldn’t find a location for problems when running Docker images but I’m happy for this to be moved if there is one.

When the latest Tumbleweed from Docker Hub (image id a1ac6493353b) is run in docker on Windows the shell command ‘if -x pgrep ]; then echo “yes”; else echo “no”; fi’ reports ‘no’ even though the file is executable for all (-rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 31560 Mar 15 10:01 pgrep). ‘-r’ also results in ‘no’ although ‘-f’ behaves as expected and results in ‘yes’ being reported.

I’ve reproduced this problem on several files within the docker image and on more than one Windows machine. The problem does not occur if the same Docker image is pulled and run on a Linux machine. The problem did not occur on previous Tumbleweed docker images - the most recent image I tried prior to this operated as expected and that was probably about a month ago. The problem does not occur on the latest Leap image in Docker Hub.

Does anybody know if this is a known problem and when it is likely to be resolved?

I should probably add that I still have a docker image which was based on a previous Tumbleweed image and that still works as expected returning ‘yes’ for the executable and read tests.