file named myComputer.desktop to hide the file?

11.1 x86 64 kde release 4.10.4

There’s a file on my desktop named myComputer.desktop I can’t get any information on it, when I click to open, I get an error from Plasma Workspace saying “The desktop entry file myComputer.desktop has no type=…entry”

How do I hide the file from appearing on my desktop or remove it?


The icon on the Plasma workspace should be a widget. If you right click the desktop and unlock widgets - you should be able to get a delete X to appear on the edge of the icon.

Also if you open dolphin and navigate to the location /home/user/Desktop. It will be there. You can right click delete/trash it.

ah ok. The unlocking of the widgets did it. thanks! Now I just need to get more familiar with this OS.

I take it you just installed then. Take your time. I don’t want to put you off, but if you are a windows user trying to make the change - Remember it will take you as long to know Linux as it did for you to know windows from the moment you first put your hands to a windows pc.

The desktop you are using kde4.1.3 is a version that is to be honest - a little imature.

I have some Guides here: HowTo Compilation - openSUSE Forums
Many of them may not mean much, but you may want to do the Multi-Media stuff.

Upgrading to kde4.2.* would be good but not something to take on if you are in your infancy in Linux.

Yes, I did complete the install a few days ago. Got stuff like the pulseaudio problem and the css on dvd playback taken care of with help from the forum also. I’ve been lurking for a little bit, taking time to read the stuff in the FAQs, but haven’t taken the time out to tackle bigger stuff like the KDE upgrade. Thought I should take a bit more time to get familiar with the way things happen before going to something like that although it was on my list of things to do since I remember seeing comments about how 4.1.3 wasn’t up to snuff.

In anycase, thanks again for the help and the how to compliation. It’ll be a big time saver and smooth out the transition from windows to linux.

Enjoy openSUSE and welcome;)