File managers do not autorefresh and worse

Hi Everyone.

I have recently moved to Leap 15.1 with xfce.

One issue I have is that file managers do not automatically refresh when changes happen.
For example, add a file to a directory, delete the file (outside of the file manager), but the original directory still contains a file like originally.

I have tried deleting the .cache directory and rebooting to no avail.

Also, if I use thunar specifically, navigate to a directory, and then delete the directory from the outside (e.g., using command line), attempt to refresh thunar manually (by pressing Ctrl+R) results in it crashing.

Any ideas?

Did you try F5?

Yes, a manual refresh may be in order for now.
If you’re really missing the feature, I’d recommend submitting a bug, even through
Be sure to include detailed information about versions when the feature worked and not.


If a Bug Report then, please raise one against the File Manager you’re running on Xfce …