File Manager - Superuser mode

Hi there!
My problem is: When I open “File Manager - Superuser mode” from a ordinary user, and then I try to open a file, like a text file (e.g. fstab), I get a notification saying “KDEInit can not launch <</usr/bin/kwrite>>”.

I’m using openSuse 11.2.

Thank you in advance.

Yep this appears to be a miss guided security scheme. Saw some stuff on the KDE user mail list

I can’t see a rational but it appears it is deliberate.

What I do is

  1. (one time) add the terminal button to Dolphin’s tool bar. Setting-Configure toolbar.

You will notice that if you have the docked terminal open via this button your terminal environment will follow the browser window’s focus

  1. Navigate to the file push terminal then use a editor from the command line.

Go figure

Wow, seems needlessly complex. Simpler to open a terminal window and use ‘sudo’ or ‘su’, along with ‘vi’. Ugggh…

Yes, I know that. But, why Dolphin in super user mode can not open a simple text file?
I think something is wrong.

Thank you.

The problem is (I believe) with kdesu. If you run dolphin from a terminal as root using dbus-launch dolphin, the problem disappears.
From what I’ve experienced, this is not an intentional security issue nor a bug, it’s a simple pain in the a…

BTW: Cordoba as in Cordoba Argentina?

Córdoba is my last name. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I know Córdoba. I go there for vacations, every year!

dbus-launch is how it is launched from the menu I have not tried that form a plain konsole.

You only need to do step number one once.

But it is only a GUI nav method you still need to type the edit command.

Tty it is cool that the docked terminal will follow the GUI navigation.

You beat me to posting this :wink: I have had the same problem when loading up the Super User Mode of Dolphin and trying to edit a file via kwrite or kate.

What would be nicer is a selection in the context menu of the regular user of Dolphin, “edit as root” - I noticed that in Dolphin in at least one of the Linux/KDE4 distros.

I would prefer to use kwrite/kate to edit a file, as opposed to nano.

I’m using openSuse 11.2.

As I.


Root Actions Servicemenu

To add you can install it using dolphin in the settings-configure dolphin-services-download services

Hey… joerione!
There is no “download services” option there.

Thank you, anyway.

I apologize, I am using kde 4.4 and it has that feature. I didn’t realize that 4.3 doesn’t have that feature and on top of that I am using thunar as my file manager.

I have had this error for years and gave up on KWrite.

I just installed gedit and use that. It gives me no problems at all editing from File Manager Super-User Mode. Once you open gedit, it will add itself to the Right-Click menu along with KWrite and Kate.

As we all have the same or similar issues, why can’t this be fixed and published by online update - While the developers are there they might like to fix dolphin so you can click on any .rpm file which should then should invoke the Package Management Installation.

Konqueror seems the only reliable way to install a .RPM file via the Package Management System.

I am sure this bug sits somewhere in the 2,000 odd bugs reports.>:(

If you think my expectations are not realistic please tell me:O

I can’t find any “root actions” menu like is shown in the screenshots. Can anyone else get this?

I think you need 4.4 installed

If your are using a Gnome Desktop - There probably isn’t one unless this has changed between 11.1 and 11.2. In KDE you can find a File Manager in Super-User Mode via the Quickstart Menu thus
Applications>System>File Manager>“File Manager SuperUser Mode”

If you are using a Classic Menu rather than Quick Start default - Just swap to it via right click on the start Icon.
Caution - in 11.1 Once you swapped Quickstart default Menu from Classic, it was not possible to change back to Quickstart in 11.1 - I hope this is fixed in 11.2:O, if not you will be stuck with the QuickStart Menu.

If you have a Gnome Desktop, and they have not yet added a menu item for a File Manager in Super User Mode as in 11.1 you need to do the following.

Click the Menu
Start>Leave>logout OR hold Down the CTRL+ALT and hit 'Back Space twice, whilst holding down the other two. This will dump you into a login screen.

Login using the user ‘root’ and enter the password of user root. A default Installation will have the root password the same as the user login, but if you have changed the default the user root will be differently assigned by you.

Once you login by user root, all programs you use will have root or Super User Authority. Please be careful. The only real value for logging in via Root is to allow you to use a File Manager for Administrative Purposes…like changing File Permissions etc and be able to see files and directories that are obscured from a standard user above /home directory level. Exercise Caution.

If you need to log in as user root you will not come across any errors as above as the error are part and parcel of a users login having the ability to temporarily escalate the users login authority.

If your have a Gnome Desktop in 11.2 and NO File Manager Super User dont bother requesting an enhancement or feature via Bugzilla or openFATE.

I asked for the exact same feature in 11.1 and was told ‘NO definitely NOT’ - 'We will Not provide an Icon on a users desktop to provide a File Manager Icon with Super User authority.

This reply was written in no uncertain terms by Gnome via Bugzilla Enhancement request in 11.1 >:(

Contact me via email if you need further help at This email address I have set up only to receive emails for the next 10 days after which it will be deleted

Rubbish! Its a Default Application Icon in a default KDE 11.2 Installation. I suspect all your issues may be you have a Gnome Desktop - See Below :wink:

I downloaded it from within Dolphin in 4.4 but I still don’t see any “root actions” item in any menu. I also logged out and back in but I still don’t see it.

Not a good idea to login as root user :frowning:

All you need to do is press alt+F2 and then enter;

gnomesu nautilus

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