file icons

When logged in as a regular user, with SUSE 11 and KDE 4 I see that many of the files such as a HTML or a Firefox bookmark on the desktop, show as a capitol T. How can I change this back to normal?

Will upgrading to KDE 4.1 fix this icon issue? I have a new install of 11. with KDE 4.0 Also the icons down in the system tray area have a multi-colored background appearance, how can I change these icons back to a standard plain type? (the updater,the Klipper, and the volume,etc)

I mostly fixed the funky icons in the system tray area. The other capitol T icon issue is not just on the desktop, but when using the KDE file browser to open folders, such as in the etc folder, many of those system file show with a T type icon, instead of their correct file type icon.