File Dialogs unresponsive

Whether i am trying to attach a file to an email or perhaps save a Kate document … anything to do that requires a file dialog to load it seems … the dialog take about 1 minute to load and then is mostly unresponsive.

I cannot see any bottleneck with respect to memory or thread usage … but stull application becomes unresponsive.

Also, Gwenview acts the same way when trying to load an image from disk … same behaviour … after envoking the app it does not appear in the GUI for about a minute … then often just becomes totally unresponsive???

Have been putting up with it for a month now??

Sorry cannot be more specific … can anybody suggest something i might do??


Try a different user first

Well spotted googalthorp!!! Creating a new user and all those ‘unresponsive’ issue disappear!!

Have you a suggestion on how i can free-up the ‘infected’ user??

I would be most grateful indeed! :wink:



Well it is probably in the users ~/.config files for plasma or ~/.cache. Best to clean them out when not running KDE ie log in to a terminal. Which file?? Sorry don’t have a clue maybe someone else might know or guess. Note cleaning out the configs will put the Desktop back to default settings

Okay … fair enough … will do that when i get some free time.

Thanks for the pointer :wink: