File Creation date

In windos there is a creation date associated with a file and in Linux there isn’t. What happens to the creation date when that file is transfered from windos to a Linux system I assume the creation date becomes the last modification date?

The reason I ask I created a program in Windows (C#) that gets php files from a webserver and stores the files in chronological order in an Access database. Since I am converting to Linux I am planning on re-writing this program for Linux and still need chronological order. I think I am stuck just using modification time? (I plan on using C++ and SQLLite)

That depends on the program used to transfer and how it maps the Windows creation timestamp, if at all, to the Unix modification timestamp.

It would be better if you rewrote your program not to depend on OS timestamps and store the creation time as an extra attribute in your database.

I have been using filezilla in windos for getting the php files. I am just starting to think about getting the files by a program that I will write. I have a lot on my plate because the current windos program is one monolithic exe file that gets the files, convert them to RTF then stores them into an Access mdb file. I want to brake it up into smaller executables, more of the linux mind set, use C++ instead of C# and use SQL lite. So I have a lot to plan out before I just go writing software.