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Does anyone know how to associate certain file types with Firefox. In Windows there is a menu to configure file associations in Firefox but that option doesn’t seem to be available in OpenSuse Firefox. The only thing I can find is under Edit->Preferences-Applications, but there doesn’t seem to be any option to add new applications in there.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


You mean so you don’t have to right click save image as

perhaps you mean](

Yes exactly - it should just open it in a new tab… In my case though it’s not an image. It’s a script which is basically a text file, so Firefox should be able to just open it, instead of popping up ‘Save As’ BIN file…

Hey, how come your desktop looks so cool! Is that some sort of theme or what?

You can’t really see much of my desktop

Here is a better look](

caf4926 wrote:

> You can’t really see much of my desktop
> kde4.4RC1
> Here is a better look
> ‘[image:]’
> (

Haha… You’re running openSUSE with a fedora background, and KDE4 with a
gnome icon for the menu?


Chris Maaskant

Anyone have this problem?

I’m not 100% clear what it is you need.

Is it when you click on a file (you mention a script) you want it to open in say kate?

I don’t know but I would have thought windows would be downloading the file even though it lets you set it to open with.

eeijlar wrote:
> Any ideas greatly appreciated.

i do not know if it will work there (it takes a little reading) but
here, i go Edit > Preferences > Applications there is a little button
at the bottom that says “Help” and if i push that i can read all about
the Applications panel and how it works…

you are right, that panel doesn’t include a way to add a new file type…

but, down at the bottom of that page is another section named “Adding
a download action” with a link to “Managing file types” and like magic
on the new page you can learn how to add a file type, associate an
application with that type, and specify what should be done with that
new file type…