file association problem within KMail

I have a small but very annoying problem with KMail…
I often receive emails with an attachment in microsoft’s docx format, and of course these should be automatically opened with OpenOffice when clicked on.

this generally works in the file manager (Dolphin), but it does not in KMail.
KMail always asks me if I want to open the files with Ark, which is kinda useless at that point.

I click “use another application” in KMail’s dialog and then choose OpenOffice, but this choice simply isnt remembered.
so I have to do like 4-5 clicks every time I open a docx-file from an email, and that happnes quite often.

can someone help?

(using openSUSE 11.1 64 bit with KDE 4, latest KMail and OpenOffice)

Try Configure Desktop>Advanced>File Associations

In my set up it is already configured as OO with no mention of Ark. If yours is the same, then this is a bug in KMail that needs to be reported.

hmm, thanks for the answer, I already checked that. so it looks pretty much like a bug.