File association in KDE4 OpenSUSE11 Live CD Installation

I can’t find anything that let me add a new file association :confused: Please help thnx in advance.

Have you had a look in kde4-setting > Advanced > File association (or something like that)?

Yes but i can’t find anything that let me add new file association or how I add new file association in OpenSUSE11 KDE4 ?

Try System settings or Configure Konqueror if you want to change an existing association or, if it is not recognised by KDE, it normally offers you a list of available programs and when you have selected one there is a check box ‘Remember this association’

Okay the problem is that I want add a new file type .pcap and I want wireshark to open this file whenever I click any pcap file. Now when I go to file association options I didn’t see any Add button that I can see in OpenSUSE 10.3. And There is no remember association checkbox when I right click pcap file and select open with option.

And when I click properties of file and click file type button do nothing. On OpenSUSE 10.3 it opens a small dialog box where i can add file associations

Go to Configure Konqueror > File Associations

Enter .pcap in ‘Find filename pattern’ and you will see that no programs are listed.

Click on Add at the bottom of the Window and you will first be asked to give your new entry a name and select a type.

When you have done that a fresh window will appear which allows you to add filename patterns, e.g. .PCAP as well as .pcap, a description, an application to run it and various other things.

Apologies - I have just checked KDE 4 and the ‘Add’ option has not been implemented yet.

If you have KDE 3.5.9 installed, you could use that though I am not sure whether KDE 4 would pick up the addition.

Nopes I don’t have KDE 3.5.9 on OpenSUSE11. I just used installed OpenSUSE11 from Live CD. I wonder if there is any bug reported for it and I am not sure if its KDE4 or OpenSUSE11. Also I have seen many things missing in KDE4 that I have used in KDE 3.5.9 and a nice bug that crashes plasma if one remove task manager widget from bottom(main) panel.

KDE4.1 from Factory has solved this problem