FGLRX – Warning openSUSE 13.2 / Tumbleweed

NO AMD FGLRX driver for openSUSE 13.2 and Tumbleweed will be ready for the release on November 4th. The reason is a bug affecting FGLRX against the new xorg present in 13.2 and obviously in factory / tumbleweed. November 4th, tumbleweed repositories will be switched to the new factory rolling tested. I’ve decided that at …]


Thank you for this news. I agree but I would also have mentioned using “AMD Catalyst Drivers” suffer with the same problems as using FGLRX on 13.2.

Written with a ;).


The “AMD Catalyst Drivers” and FGLRX are the same thing.

Ya, probably reliant on AMD to release new drivers. Open Source are improving a lot recently tho. If you’re running the default Radeon drivers in 13.1, you’ll notice an improvent when you get the 13.2 kernal+new drivers.

Tho don’t upgrade quite yet if you need something from FGLRX :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh-ho. I learned something again:).

Thanks wolfi323

Well, for more trivia see here:

Just a note:
It is possible now to easily install the fglrx driver on 13.2 and Tumbleweed.

Sebastian Siebert has created and published a new version of his makerpm-amd script that replaces selected parts with an inofficial beta version that should work, and has even added a patch for kernel 3.18.

For more indormations, see here (the page is in german though):
If you cannot read german, here’s a direct download link:
And here are the instructions for how to use it:
If you don’t know tha script yet, it automatically downloads the driver, patches it for the latest kernel if necessary, creates RPM packages, and installs them.
You don’t even have to worry about kernel updates anymore, as the script takes care of rebuilding the kernel module automatically afterwards as well.
And IIANM, exactly this script is used to create the packages in the repo as well.