Fglrx update: strange behaviour. Why?

Hey guys! I have a nice question for you!
Today I had to undergo an fglrx drivers update through Yast! I did the update, but, after rebooting, my screen was black! I solved by setting xorg.cong to vesa drivers, uninstalling fglrx and reinstalling them. After that, everthing went back alright! Why? What do u think caused the yast fglrx update to go wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Btw, for the fglrx drivers, I use the ati repo with yast. Cheers!

Do You still have vesa in the xorg.conf ? If yes uninstalling and installing fglrx package changes nothing because You don’t use it at all. Please read the following guide :
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

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Obviously not, mate! I was running fine and update fglrx via Yast! I rebooted and the screen was black: I checked xorg.conf and obviously the driver was set to fglrx. Everything was normal: fglrx update, and fglrx driver in the xorg.conf device section. Nothing wrong: just that the screen was black after the update.
After that I edited the xorg.conf, but just to uninstall fglrx and reinstall it again. Now everything works fine: I just wonder about the cause of this strange behaviour…

This is magical indeed but I’m glad it works :slight_smile: the best way to check what’s going on when loading the GPU drivers is look inside the file “/var/log/Xorg.0.log”.

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