fglrx problems on 4870 x2 card

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a openSUSE user since version 10 and I’ve always struggled with video part of installation. Now, I’m struggling again with openSUSE 11.1 x86_64 bit version with newest ati 9.2 driver. I have used ati 8.12 version but I get black border around the desktop which I cannot fix as I do in windows (dual booting for blu-ray only reason) by setting overscan to zero. While searching for my problem online in various forums with no luck, I decided to see if the ati 9.2 driver works. After installing the driver while in init 3 and rebooting I only get black screen. So, I’m going back to ati 8.12 version that seems to work even with those annoying black border.

I can fix the black border by using the following commands:

aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,positionX:0
aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,positionY:0
aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,sizeX:1920
aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,sizeY:1080

for my Sharp LCD TV/Monitor.

After setting these options, if I reboot then again I get black screen. The only way I can get the desktop to show up again is by deleting /etc/ati/amdpcsdb file. This however bring backs the black border.

Now the question I have is how can I write a script (with four lines of code shown above) to run after kde4 desktop is up and running after each reboot and delete the amdpcsdb file before kde4 desktop is shutting down.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.


ok, just realized this problem should not be posted in this thread. Sorry about that. Nonetheless, I found the solution from the ubuntu forums. Here is the link…

[ubuntu] fglrx, HD 3450, Samsung 1080p and massive amounts of underscan - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1016930)

I adapted it for KDE4.2 and it works wonderfully.