fglrx or mesa graphic driver for ATI


I have been running my laptop for several months now with OSS 13.1 and the graphics drivers that were loaded by the install disk.
I have 98% of all I wish to use fully operational and have no need to run windows ever again.

The 2% is a game that has problems with certain renderings and support has said that its a known problem with mesa drivers.

So my question is do I swap to the fglrx driver that will possibly fix this game?

Is it recommended to use the fglrx driver with 13.1?

Any tried the latest beta version of fglrx and is that a possibility?

I don’t want to break the major part that is working good, 3D animation tools, 3D design tools, 2D graphics, streaming from all sources inc silverlight etc etc…

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


PS I had major problems with the ATI driver with my last distro, with streaming and with broken updates ( it was a bleeding edge distro ) now I am using the much more stable “bottle” OSS AND the mesa drivers so hard for me to judge which was the biggest upgrade

Depends on your particular graphics card.
The current fglrx driver only supports HD 5000 cards and up.
And the legacy drivers do not work at all on 13.1.

Is it recommended to use the fglrx driver with 13.1?

Well, yes, if you have problems with the radeon driver.

I cannot really tell you much as I don’t have a graphics card that’s supported by fglrx (my only Radeon card is a 9600…).

But I would say, just try it. Install the package from here:

Or, for the beta version, see here:

If the driver should give you problems, just uninstall the fglrx64_xpic_SUSE131 (or fglrx64_xpic_SUSE131) package again with YaST or zypper, and you should have the same system as before, using the radeon driver.

Good news / Bad news

The ATI driver fixed the problem with the game, but has problems streaming, full screen fails stutters and layers as it did on my previous distro.

Is there a way of switching drivers depending on the application ?


No, unfortunately not.
It’s not even possible to switch them between boots.

You have to uninstall fglrx to be able to use radeon.

Thanks wolfi323, I guess I will just have to live with the 98% working lol!

On 2014-09-24, rekinchin <rekinchin@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:
> Thanks wolfi323, I guess I will just have to live with the 98% working
> lol!

Just a suggestion. You might find it a little less painful to dual-boot with two openSUSE installs with different
Radeon drivers if you need that extra 2%!

I find Mesa drivers better than fglrx, well if not better then not worse for sure.
Talking about performance in games on steam of course.

Granted, you have to upgrade mesa drivers to 10.2 or 10.3 (X11 repo)