fglrx on Tumbleweed = Black Screen


I followed this guideon how to install fglrx on Tumbleweed, but I got a black screen after rebooting. I wasn’t sure which packages to install aside the main one so I installed every one containing “tumbleweed” :stuck_out_tongue: The guide doesn’t say anything about “aticonfig --initial” or any manual configuration after package installation, so clearly I did something wrong.

Which packages should I install? I noticed on openSUSE 13.2 that a bunch of packages are installed via the One-Click option, and on the guide I linked above it mentions only the “fglrx” package.


EDIT = Oh, snap. Browsing through the forums I just saw the Tumbleweed section. Mods, could you move this thread over there? Sorry!

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Moved from Applications and open again.

I’m having issues with an HD6770 also. It appears to work fine until I try to use Yast2, then it flashes and splashes and botches and pixelizes. After a min or two it will come back up, but I have no real control. Cant x stuff out or switch switch active windows.

I’ve seen the how to wright ups and that 1-Click will not work with TW, and I also saw the warning that the isntructions via the terminal and zypper are night complete or correct. I’ve also read through several threads on the topic but they were scattered all over as to how to find and solve the problem with the drivers. I even tried a gdm to lightdm switch as mentioned in a few different posts.

So now my options are guy buy a new video card or hope the community can help solve this.

It worked in 12.3, after an update I lost power management and the fan(s) were running full out a lot of the time, moving to 13.1 didn’t help much, and now running TW it’s giving me fits. I was hoping problems would clear up over time and not get worse.

Any info or logs someone needs to help out just ask. I’ve already loaded the fglrx repo via zypper and have put all settings/configs back to original.

Thanks in advance.

fglrx doesn’t work at all on Tumbleweed at the moment, because the Xorg is too new and not supported by fglrx.

Please remove it again, and wait until AMD releases a new version.

Thanks for the fast response.

Repo pulled and will wait for some good news down the road.