fglrx and Radeon x1270

I was unsure where to place this topic under laptop or 64-bit.

Here is where I’m at though.
I currently am using RadeonHD that came with openSUSE. Using DRI compiz is running smooth, however it randomly freezes my computer when doing an effect.
I have tried fglrx with no success. I followed the wiki article verbatim. fglrx installs but as soon as I reboot I get a white screen with black lines running up and down the screen, I still hear the login audio clearly. I am also able to drop into console and then login.

This has happened with all versions tried:
8.12,9.1,9.2 and the 1-Click Install version

I am running openSUSE 11.1 AMD64. (Not at the unit atm so thats all the info I have)

Thanks in advance and let me know anymore info you may need!