ffmpeg with mp3 ??

hi i am trying to use winff to encode my files for Rockbox but when i do it i complains about not knowing mp3 ??

actually i think its a problem with ffmpeg …show i download a version with mp3 support?? if so from where?

Packmans ffmpeg has various codecs compiled in.

You could install the entire restricted codecs package from:
For openSUSE 11.0:
Restricted Formats/11.0 - openSUSE-Community

For openSUSE 10.3:
Restricted Formats/10.3 - openSUSE-Community

(You didn’t specify which one you had so I’m posting both options)

Alternatively you can add Packman from the Software Repositories / Add / Community Repositories and install ffmpeg from there.

I think it’s better to use lame. If you want a frontend try audacity

no i have ffmpeg from packman but it doesnt have mp3 support

i have seached google and found the answer (how to compile with mp3 support ) :slight_smile:

I just opened and played a .mp3 file (called file.mp3) on my openSUSE-10.3 with the command:
**ffplay file.mp3 **
… as noted, the mp3 file played music, with no problem.

On my PC, the command: rpm -qf /usr/bin/ffplay

So from my perspective, given that ffplay is provided by ffmpeg, that indicates to me that mp3 files can be played by the packman ffpmeg.

Right I did a quick peek at the software in a VM - and it’s pretty awful :slight_smile:

You have to edit the preset that you want to use and replace the mp3 with libmp3lame.

WinFF -> Edit -> Presets. Then scroll to the preset to want to change and change the “Preset Command Line” to have “libmp3lame” instead of “mp3” then press Add / Update button - then save.

Alternatively open /usr/share/winff/presets.xml and change all instances of mp3 to libmp3lame and save the file. (Make a backup first)

thanks aloooooot

i found out about this in command line but didnt know it could be set in winff :slight_smile: