ffmpeg ogg to flv conversion

I have a video created using qtrecordmydesktop (ogg format).It created a very large file of about 220Mbs.I need to convert it to flv using ffmpeg but I have no idea how to use it.The flv files need to be of small size since I will be using them in my website.

If you could please tell me how to use ffmpeg to create highly compressed flv vidoes from ogg.

Try WinFF it’s in the packman repos.

If you wish to do this via a terminal or konsole, here is a link to an excellent ffmpeg tutorial:
Video Editing Magic with ffmpeg | Linux Journal

Are you using a wide screen or a square screen?

Here is an example of a wide screen


Here is an example of a square screen.

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If these are acceptable quality for you I have created some simple scripts to convert them.

Nice tutorials!

They are intended for windows folks at another forum I belong to, in other words some of these folks can’t even find things in the menu. Get baffled when they don’t see anything when typing a password in a terminal, and have never seen a terminal before.

My site was soooo outdated they asked for some using openSUSE 11.1, so I tossed those together pretty quickly, they certainly need work, but they serve the purpose of helping the new windows converts.

I try and keep them simple and use terms they will understand.

So far they all seem to have worked without anyone stumbling on any part of them.

I would love to have others make some and I would host them and a few guys have sent me some, but they were pretty bad, hard to follow…

So if you know of anyone willing to try I am willing to host them. :wink:

Sometime back before the forum merge, when the forum admins/mods were discussing a merge, there were various ideas thrown around as to how we could collectively improve what we offered on the forum, and one idea was to use the forum (with its potentially large membership) as a focal point for many things, one of which was to create a group of users who would create such tutorials, and possibly even host the tutorials. … But as often happens in opensource, our ideas were bigger than our time and effort available to “pull it off” .

Hence I think its absolutely fabulous that you have made more progress on this, than what we were ever able to do.

What software are you using to record your tutorials ?

The software the OP was referring to