ffmpeg does not know libmp3lame


Recently I had to reinstall Tumbleweed completely because previous installation got completely insane. During this process I have installed ffmpeg and libmp3lame from packman. When now I start ffmpeg I see that it has --enable-libmp3lame in the configuration but no libmp3lame in the output of ffmpeg -codecs. If I try ffmpeg -i… -c:a libmp3lame … it tells me Unknown encoder ‘libmp3lame’. strace also shows that ffmpeg does not even try to open any libmp3lame library.

I think to remember that in the previous installation of Tumbleweed everything was working well. Any idea what else I have to install in order to get it working?

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Have you added pack man? Proprietary formats are dealt with there

And please not only add Packman, but switch to it.
(sounds obvious, but recently there where a few people thinking that adding the repo was the same as using it, one even called it “I have installed Packman”).