ffado, unloadable raw1394 and new firewire stack (JuJu)


I am experiencing a problem after installing OpenSuse 11.4.:
I can`t load raw1394 module, that is needed for ffado sound server to work. So, my firewire audio is silent ((
On “modprobe raw1394” I am getting: “FATAL: Module raw1394 not found.”
So after some googling I found, that my problem is a new firewire stack.
ffado documentation says, that I can try to use a new stack, but I need a libraw1394 functionality, so (as I understand) I need raw1394 to be loaded. What am I doing wrong? Or what I can do to let it work with old firewire stack (I am not experienced with kernel recompilation)?
The raw1394 packet is installed and (oh god) so many packets are dependable on it, so how it can not present in the system?