feeling-like application KDE preset

I have recently tried the live OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 on KVM. I found they have a very nice application called “om-feeling-like” that is an ui that give someone possibility to use preset kde theme and dock. You can choose different preset desktop that could look like OpenMandriva, Unity, Windows 10 or 7, Mac OSx. It a very fast way to setup a desktop to one liking.

Is there any plan to offer something similar to OpenSUSE ?

The RPMs can be found here rpmfindThe GUI is shown here OpenMandriva

It’s a cool thing that help setup your desktop.
This a good idea that we could use in OpenSUSE.

Just my 0.02$ !


It is possible that the package itself could be included in openSUSE.

Have you tried the RPMs in an openSUSE VM? It would be interesting to see if they work as-is, or if they would require rebuilding.

The dependency list seems fairly straightforward, it doesn’t appear to need anything very special.

openSUSE guidelines for packaging (maybe send your post to the packaging mailing list and see what people think).

It’s a great looking tool, and I think it would be well received!

No I haven’t tried in a VM. Good Idea I will setup a VM for that.

I’m going to send a request a the Packaging list to see what are the feedbacks anyways.

Thank you for answering.:good:

The mailing lists are full of helpful people :slight_smile:

I’ll look for the email, and see if my non-technical skills could be useful. I think the graphical desktop chooser would make for a great tool to include.

I have tried it in a VM but the RPM doesn’t install. It complain we have a wrong version of OpenMandrake. But I can make it partly work with a few hacks.
First, I have unzip the content and install it manually. Then when I call the tool : the main menu shows but a click to apply a preset does popup an error message in a box saying that something went wrong.

I have launched the tool from konsole and the first problem is that qdbus in OpenMandriva is called qdbus-qt5 in OpenSUSE. I just added an alias qdbus that point to qdbus-qt5. And then I can take one more step and be able reset KDE to the default config. But with other presets the tool use ‘dnf’ instead of zypper and try to install some plasma theme wich can’t work with OpenSuse. I can’t alias dnf to zypper since the syntax are different from one to the other.

So to make it a short story, the main panel does show but because of different tools/names from OpenMandriva vs OpenSUSE it cannot work further than that.

I’m not enough expert in KDE nor in OpenSUSE to be able to go further. But the task could be done by someone more experimented than me easily.

I will continue to play with it but It shall be a long task. Let’s say it would be a good way to learn something but I can’t garantee results.


You’ll have to download the source code and then, rebuild it in the openSUSE environment …

  • AFAICS, it’s not KDE Plasma code – it seems to be OpenMandriva code …

I have absolutely no idea if, the code will be submitted to the KDE project or, not …