Feedback on staff

Perhaps I have lost it, but I feel that as staff of this community which I love so much, that to improve things it is important that we recieve feedback from the community. Not just about the forum, but about idividual staff. The question would be how to best impliment this since not all feedback is appropriate for public viewing. So this is as much a post for the staff as to the community. What do you think? Good idea? Or have I lost it?

Probably not a good idea. You addressed some of the possible complications yourself.
And I’m not sure of the ‘things it will improve’.
Neither do I want to see what could result in something of a competition or poll.

As it stands, users can express their feelings on the help they receive: either in the thread or by the reputation feature.
All our staff are well respected and are probably seen without any particular partiality, one over the other. Your proposal is likely to change that.

I just had an idea and thought I’d put it out there.

caf4926 wrote:
> All our staff are well respected

well, except for that one guy who flops back and forth between Gator
and limey land is always available… :wink:

[note: please do not overlook the grin]

i agree with Carl, no one needs to tell Kim & TPTB how/who to
pick…and, who to keep or move out (there ARE faces who used to be
here on staff who should not have been, and are now gone…all with no
secret ballots or black ball votes)

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