Fedora 34 package download not working properly. How to fix?

Hi all,

After packaging the Rasbperry PI Imager for several distributions, it somehow doesn’t show up properly for Fedora 34 on the “Download Package” page. You can have a look yourself using this link.

Instead of showing up under category “Fedora”, it shows up under “Unknown”. If you then click the “Add repository and install manually” link, it just shows a question mark, instead of the usual instructions. The repository for Fedora 34 is present though, as you can see here. It just seems that the OBS UI doesn’t pick it up somehow.

Interestingly enough, it looks fine for Fedora 33. Does anyone now how to fix this, such that is shows up under “Fedora” with the correct installation instructions?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately I can’t offer any help, just saying you aren’t alone. I just added a fedora 34 target to my builds and seem to have the same result; 31 & 32 appear fine, but 34 doesn’t