Fedora 18 repo, no updates?

I see that there is Fedora 18 repo available.
As I understand, it was imported as Fedora 18 was released.

Now, updates from Fedora are not going to this repo?

Thank you!

You are NOT at any Fedora forums, you are at openSUSE.

What is the meaning of this thread?

Sorry I did not explain it correctly,

(And yes I see that color theme is green around this post)

Aren’t we in OBS thread? OBS allows to build packages for openSUSE and for other distros too,
including Fedora, and thanks OBS developers for that.

Anyway, Fedora 18 was imported into OBS as it Fedora 18 was released.
Now, couple of month later, some important libraries were updated in Fedora, and I wonder,
whether it’s possible to build actual packages for Fedora via OBS, or those packages will be
still built against older libraries.


This is indeed more clear.

Remember that a one and a half line problem description is seldom enough :wink:

I think you’ll need to contact OBS support for this:

Support - Open Build Service

Thank you, reported at https://features.opensuse.org/314851