February screenshots

https://i.postimg.cc/L6wcrb1K/Screenshot-20200201-135732.jpg](https://postimg.cc/1f07FMBJ)how do you upload pictures

You can use “susepaste” for that. It’s a command, and even has a man page.

Just wondering how to upload the same as the image above your post from suse paste to opensuse forum.:question:
When I tried before, I can only post the link to the image.

Tumbleweed with Enlightenment

Nice looking DE :slight_smile:

Thanks but I am slightly clumsy to use Susepaste, and I don’t know if it’s my fault or because the service is not very intuitive, in my opinion it is a waste of time indeed I would say that it is useless, but this is only my opinion that can be wrong, without offense

It’s a bug… if you run susepaste-screenshot click the mouse button to capture it says ‘Failed’, ignore that and browse to https://susepaste.org/lists you will see your pasted image…

Then just select here insert image and paster the URL…


Too difficult, with the host it takes me much less time
Post Edit In reality it is only a lack of habit to use it, after two or three tests, it is better than the host :slight_smile: :wink:

Got it, once again credit to malcolm;)
Enlightenment on two monitors, a 48" tv and 23"led monitor.