Fcitx - Wayland diagnose popup

Hello, some time ago (more than a few weeks by now probably), a pop up started appearing after boot from fcitx. Here is the message:

Wayland Diagnose
Detect GTK_IM_MODULE and QT_IM_MODULE being set and Wayland Input method frontend is working. It is recommended to unset GTK_IM_MODULE and QT_IM_MODULE and use Wayland input method frontend instead. For more details see Using Fcitx 5 on Wayland - Fcitx

I have looked at my environmental variables, QT_IM_MODULE is indeed set to fcitx. I would like to ask, how can I disable it? I looked online on how environmental variables are set and I can’t find them in openSUSE Tumbleweed. There is nothing mentioning QT_IM_MODULE in /etc/environment. My .bashrc or .profile files don’t set it either.

It doesn’t really bother me and I have not yet noticed any problems, but it’s probably better for me to fix it rather than ignore it.

Anyone knows where can I find this variable and unset it? Thanks.



Oh this is a bug? I thought the variable was just set in some file or something. Good to know, thanks!

These variables are defined by systemd-inputmethod-generator which is maintained by Marguerite Su. She is aware of the current pop-up problem, and it will be resolved in the future. At the moment I just disabled the pop-up.

This forum post (in Chinese) may be of some help.

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Okay, I will disable the pop up as well.

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