Favorite MMORPGs

I’m hard to please when it comes to computer gaming. I miss the old classics like Fallout or Arcanum. I like a good story and room to explore.

I dabbled in Silkroad recently, but got very frusterated at not being able to login.

Right now I’m playing a bit of Anarchy Online and find it rather entertaining, though I wish it had more NPC quests in addition to the random mission generation system.

I love Guild Wars. It’s story driven, not “kill X beasts” driven. I quit after I beat the 3rd expansion (Eye of the North) in a matter of 3 days… not my kind of thing, especially when it was designed with maximum level characters in mind.

That said, Guild Wars gets my recommendation for a person looking for story-driven MMORPG. I’ve heard Lord of the Rings Online was also good in that regard.

I’m not normally into MMO’s per se, but enough friends have begged me recently that I started a two-week trial of Eve Online. I’m really digging it.

1 - I’m not sure there is any one optimal build. You don’t have a skill cap of how many points your character can have, so it doesn’t penalize you for playing how you want to play or diversifying.

2 - Training requires a set period of time online or off, as opposed to grinding. You can log off, come back a few days later, and have a raised skill.

3 - The trial is free with no credit card or commitment required.

4 - There is a native Linux client.

If you check it out and like it, me and some friends are all playing Gallente Empire and are starting a corporation. We’re looking for other new players to work with.

Well, my favorite game, and then ofcourse also MMORPG is…

the World… of…

the rest i dont have to say i guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i like the lore (although less whats become of it when BC came out… Space invaders anyone?)

But, its too addictive so after 3 yrs of playing i decided to stop playing it. I’ve yet to find a other game which can HOOK me on so tightly though as WoW did.

Some people think its too repetitive, others think its just plain boring. I really liked it (too much :P)

But Blizzard… PLEASE for the linux community, create a linux native client! ;(

hehe… my 2 cents…