Favorite firefox theme

After using the default opensuse firefox theme for a few days, I’ve decided to ditch it. I’m trying out minimalistic themes and am open to suggestions. Which themes do you all recommend?

I use Oxygen
I’m not very adventurous. Themes don’t do much for me.
You know about Personas do you?

If it is about minimalism, did you know you can (ab)use your menubar in order to put buttons (and stuff there)?

Noia, with stop-and-reload-button extension. No favorites bar.

Oxygen, plain. Looks a bit strange, since I use the oxygen-colors icon theme, green version, with some additional manually greened ones: my fwd and bwd buttons in Konqueror are green arrows, in FF they are blue.

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Noia with Googlebar, no favourites bar, but a fair few other addons.