Favorite applications

There is a menu to set the favorite application.
Totem is set by defaut for multimedia.
What should I insert to set vlc ?
Some website have windows for displaying video. Now, as totem is set per defaut, firefox try to use totem but there are some plugins missing (asf). As I use vlc for the whole rest of video applications, I would like to set for this use as well.
Thank you in advance

Control Center -> System -> Preferred Applications, in the multimedia
tab is where it can be set, if it doesn’t show in the dropdown you just
need to give the full path to vlc which I would assume is /usr/bin/vlc.

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The dropdown list effectively doesn’t show something else that totem, except “cusmtom”.
And if I select custom, the parameter “Command” shows up.
Should I really input a path in the field ?
Thank You