Fate #306966 Implementation & the User favourite #120340

There’s signs here, of rushing a feature for SLED/SLES SP1 under (if not actually half) baked.

For 11.2 a user requirement was implemented for update integrity DownloadInAdvance set in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf to benefit those with unreliable connections, and users of unstable repo’s like Factory with frequent updates. DownloadAsNeeded is the traditional behaviour, where packages are naively downloaded and installed alternately. Accelerating updates by starting the next download, whilst installing the current selection, has often been requested.

Indeed it has become the currently most popular Fate entry amongst end users, and reported many times in past to Bugzilla - #120340: Run download and install in parallel Fate #120340 Note the strongly anti comment #21: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-05 13:03). Now I noticed this morning the apparently innocuous #306966: [Beta2] No Shutdown/Suspend During Package Update #306966: [Beta2] No Shutdown/Suspend During Package Update](https://features.opensuse.org/306966) Note #3: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-25 15:14) The key implementation commenter is Duncan McVicar.

So basically an apparently innocuous request to inhibit Suspend to RAM/Disk & Shutdown during Update, is now being used to sneek in a change of default update policy to DownloadInAdvance which can require a large amount of temporary disk space and goes against the wish to speed up updates via parallel download. Furthermore the proposal, is mainly for changes to GNOME(and KDE?) Applets, which is only partial solution to the problem, leaving out other popular Desktops like XFCE and LXDE, as well as ignoring possibility of putting “zypper up” in daily cron job.

For some greater update reliability has been a pressing problem, but I have seen plenty of comments about relatively slow performance caused by the repo refreshing, and non-pipelined download. What do you think?