fatal problem with my suse

problem 1:
I found that GRUB loaded much more slowly that before. I don’t know what happened.

problem 2: (fatal)
My Suse got very easy to death-lock. I nearly do nothing after reboot. My system can’t work. Nothing response. I can’t use mouse nor keyboard.

problem 3: (perhaps it’s a bug)
If it popup “keyring” window ask for password while I click and popup the list of wireless networks, I can’t use mouse nor keyboard except the power button (it can popup the shutdown menu but I can’t choose except wait for 30secs).

My linux partition is 5GB for SUSE Gnome 11.1
I installed additional language packages(chinese, french), apache, subversion, java, eclipse, mono, codeblocks, lazarus, gcc43, wxGTK, aMSN, skype.
It left about 500MB free space in the linux partition.
I’ve a 500MB swap partition.

To be honest I would expect problems with the partitioning you describe. Trim some stuff out of the install, delete /temp files (set that up to happen every reboot) and set browsers to clear cache at close.