FATAL: Module ata_piix not found

while booting with bootsplash turned off there’s a message “FATAL: Module ata_piix not found FATAL: Error running install command for ata_piix” .Though everything works fine i’d like to know what does this message mean and is there a way to disable loading of ata_piix whatever it means. thanx in advance.:wink:

You can remove that module via YaST->System->/etc/sysconfig editor and
look for the entry in kernel section and remove the “ata_piix”.

INITRD_MODULES="thermal ata_piix ata_generic ide_pci_generic processor

It should also rebuild the initrd.

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great! that helped! thanx!

Question, since this is a fresh install, why is it configuring for something that does not exist in the first place? Is that an error in the install package, or something lacking in the hardware?

It’s just a compromise on what may or may may not be present on the
hardware the OS is being installed on.

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Wow! Musta caught you at the keyboard. :wink: Quick response! Thanks.

It just seems as clever as the scripters are, it would sense that it did or did not need that. Now I have an rpmsave error on boot up, I need to go research. Another thread.