Fatal Error inserting nvidia

I did install nvidia driver before getting this error.
I made a mistake by installing nvidia5 driver in my nvidia7 card coontaining computer, because my desktop effects was not enabling.:’(

I am new to linux, it is showing a black screen with white words and when i typed “startx” it says

fatal error to load Nvidia Kernel
screen found found, but none have a usable configuration
giving up
connection refused
No such process

How did you install the nvidia driver? Repository via Yast, or did you download the driver from Nvidia and do it that way?

Yah Respository via yast.

At the prompt where you typed startx use root and try typing nvidia-xconfig
If that doesn’t help try sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia (zero not o)
Read more here NVIDIA - openSUSE


If you’ve never discovered this yourself, you’re about to see one of the reasons why I’m sold on Opensuse. :slight_smile:

Hit CTRL-ALT-F3 (or a CLI terminal of your choice; that’s my habit). Log in as root, then enter “init 3” to ensure that X isn’t running. Then whack “enter” one more time. You may need to log in again as root; do so.

Now enter “Yast” to run the text-mode tool, which can do everything that the GUI can – you just use the TAB and arrow keys to get to what you want, instead of the mouse.

Go to Software Management, set the “filter” (upper left) to “search.” Assuming that you’re using 11.1, a box will appear; tab into that box and enter “Nvidia,” then tab one more time and press “Enter.” All Nvidia-related packages will appear in the box to the right.

Tab into the box and use the up/down arrow keys to highlight any NVidia driver that has “i” (installed) to the left. Press the space bar on each such line to mark it for uninstallation. (You may get some warnings; that’s OK.)

The goal is to get the current incorrect drivers uninstalled. Select “OK” when you’ve marked them and they’ll be removed. When it’s done, it’ll ask if you want to install or remove anything else; tab to “no” and press “enter.”

Now you should be able to tab to the “Hardware” selection, and then to “Graphics Card and Monitor” to install at least a working default display. Once you’re done, reboot. This should restore you to the condition that existed right after intial installation. When it comes back up, you can repeat the steps that you did earlier when you installed the wrong driver.

Thanks for both. i followed smpoole7’s method and now working.
I just summarize it step by step


Log in as root

enter “init 3”


TAB and arrow keys

searched for nvidia

uninstalled it by enter

Thanks everyone, Now I understood the power of yast and how much it is
better than other package managers.

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To the original poster: I gave you those instructions so that you’d know how to recover if something else goes wrong. Glad to hear it worked! Now you get to try again … …

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