Fast TSC calibration error - appears on boot - openSUSE 13.1

There have been a number of annoying messages, that I have noticed, during boot, over the period of a few months.
The GRUB dialog text says: “…0.000000 Fast TSC Calibration failed - ERROR”

I have tried to research this reasonably, and based on other Forum Posts in Install/Boot/Login
and elsewhere, that I should not be worried by this, that it is not a big deal. TSC is a Time Stamp Counter register
that has contents incremented by value of one in each processor clock. Eventually the process
fixes itself later on.

You can run a terminal interface command line in code:

sudo cat /var/log/messages.log | grep TSC

Reading the results of this you can see the TSC register output.

I hope this may help others who have had this error.

Ignore that message.
It’s just debug output by the kernel. (if it was by grub, you wouldn’t find it in /var/log/messages btw. :wink: )

And IIANM it even has been removed already in a later kernel version.

sudo cat /var/log/messages.log | grep TSC

The file is called /var/log/messages, not /var/log/messages.log
Also this is an useless use of cat! (UUOC: )
Just use:

sudo grep TSC /var/log/messages

for the same effect.
But yes, it’s true that this is nothing to worry about! :wink:

You are right, my apologies for including the file extension (.log), my mistake…

Thank you for your thoughtful reply and commentary.

It pays to know which error messages to pay attention to, and how to fix them if necessary. …:X