Fast system got slower after installing and then removing nvidia/bumblebeed drivers

Hi all,

I had a very fast system with no problems , everything was fast and scrolling, videos etc. were smooth and fast and I was incredibly happy about my system.

Then I made a mistake and tried installing nvidia/bumbleweed drivers to enable my nvidia card. I was using my system with default intel drivers and everything was fine(including desktop effects with opengl mode).

But I couldn’t make it work, (optirun was failing with “no supporting card found” error or something similar) so I removed it and put my system in default state.

Now most programs works slower, font rendering got so slower that I can’t type anything. Here are some observations.

These programs got slower, font rendering is too slow for me to work:
qVim (vim with qt frontend)

For example, I’m using git diff --color command a few times in a day, and now it’s so low in konsole/yakuake that I can’t even scroll in diff screen.

Video playing in Kaffeine got slower, time between each frame is realizable. But playing in gnome-mplayer is fast just like before.

Video playing in chromium in youtube with full-screen enabled is slow(same as Kaffeine).

Scrolling in chromium is also slow.

Some programs that are still fast:

Desktop: desktop effects are still fast and opengl mode is enabled
gVim( vim with gtk frontend): fast as before.

Can anyone help me, I’m a programmer and working with this system full-time. I need to solve this fast.

Thanks in advance.