fan works on XP but not on OpenSuse 11.0

Hey guys i hope u can help me with my problem,
well i have a DELL inspiron 1525 with XP and OpenSuse installed, the one i use the most is OpenSuse 11.0 but i do have a little problem and its that the fan on my laptop doest not spin,therefore my computer kinda gets overheated, and i thought that the problem was with the fan but after like 1 year i logged in into windows and i realized that the fan started to work then i moved to opensuse and it didnt work, so i assume taht this could be a driver issue, but i dont konw what else could be, i hope u guys can help me, thanks for everything


Just a wild guess here, but if you check our BIOS settings, maybe there is an option to control the fan speed automatically based on either temperature or just have it on constantly. Also, I would make sure you have the latest BIOS version installed (check Dell’s Download page for your laptop).

I cant really explain why it works for you in Windows Xp though, all I can suggest is what I just mentioned…

Good luck!

i remember reading through several different threads addressing heat,
temp sensing and fan control for laptops somewhere in these forums…

try the advanced search page <>
looking for threads within the last year and terms like

fan speed control noise heat

here is ONE such thread (may or may not help you) which was found
using this combo: fan control speed noise

the string fan control speed pops up 12 threads…

another way, is to use google and its site specific search…for
example this in a google search yeilds 17 hits, including your question: DELL 1525 fan

kewl, huh?

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