fan rearely works and over heats

hi i have 11.1 and i Have a issue with cooling

my laptop is a acer apsire 5715Z and My fan rarely works and it eveantly overheats and the next time i start it it works

how can i fix this?

please help
thank you

Do you have a multiboot situation on that computer, whereby you could boot into windows?

no i don’t

I was going to suggest running it on another distro to test whether in happens on more than Suse. So I was going to suggest a microsoft distro, but no luck there.

I suggest you use any bootable CD or DVD, but preferably one with a Live Operating System on it, like SystemRescueCD, Suse Live CD, Mandriva Live, Ubuntu Live, Knoppix CD etc etc. Boot it up and see whether the fault happens in the second operating system (on the CD/DVD).